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Theme of the Week: Stadiums!

Photo: The Yankees' field, after the last Yankee game at the old stadium, May 2009. By wikipedia user dvdkid919

In order to get those creative juices flowing, we’re introducing themes of the week. This week is stadiums!

With summer fully upon us, think of those afternoons and evenings you spent in the bleachers, getting scorched by the summer sun, screaming yourself hoarse for your favorite team. Or on the field, running toward that goal or sliding to reach home plate. Schools are always vying for updated, state of the art facilities, leaving the stadiums we loved and hated to our memories.

Gather your memories and your photos and add your stadium to the Place + Memory website. The Stadium theme lasts from July 21- July 28. One of the stadium stories that gets our attention will be featured on our facebook fan page and here on our blog. So start submitting!  

Click to Listen Memory Message about Buffalo Memorial Auditorium, (1:54 minutes)