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Place + Memory on the Road: On to Ohio!

"This is a big freakin’ car!"

"This is a big freakin’ car!"

Project Producer Shea Shackelford in West Virginia, heading to Dayton, Ohio.

Dayton is the site of the third Place + Memory radio story—one on the National Cash Register Company.

Of the rental Chevy Malibu he’s driving, Shea has this to say: It’s fancy and new and I can plug the iphone into the stereo.  I hate to admit how much I like driving this car; it’s huge and powerful and smooth.

You can hear Shea live on the radio tonight (8-11pm EST)  on WYSO,  our partner for “Miami Valley Memories.”


Rose of San Antonio … Tacoland

With Bell Solloa at TacolandDeep within my heart lies a melody,
A song of old San Antone,
Where in dreams I live with a memory,
Beneath the stars all alone.

Shea’s in Texas!  He’s interviewing folks for the second piece in our NPR summer series.  We’re profiling Tacoland!  Tacoland was an amazing music club in San Antonio that closed it’s doors in 2005.  For decades, Tacoland served as the hub of a vibrant punk/et al. music scene and community of patrons.  It closed prematurely in 2005 when owner/icon Ramiro “Ram” Ayala was murdered when a robbery of the club went terribly wrong.  Ram and Tacoland have left strong memories for many people, and we’re humbled to be interviewing them.

Bell Solloa [pictured above] has already created a Tacoland page at www.placeandmemory.com.  Get a closer look at Tacoland and Ram.  And if you have memories of your own about Tacoland, please share them with us online.  And leave us a message with your memories at 888-910-2555.

The whole rabbit (more audio excerpts)

Tony and his wife were good friends of the Venz family when they were operating the farm and restaurant in Logan, AL. He found this card for us … quite a prize. Talking to strangers with microphones is not something he would normally do, Tony told us, but in support of the Venz’s he made an exception and invited us onto his porch swing (squeak, squeak ;-)). This is an unedited audio clip from that interview.

Rabbit Hutch Road Trip Day #2 … we found it!

278 out of Cullman, county route ???? somewhere near Smith Lake–can’t really say how we got there, but we found the building that housed the Venz family restaurant, The Rabbit Hutch, which closed in the mid-ninties. It’s the subject of the first in our radio series, PLACE + MEMORY.

It’s Fun to Be the Link

We’re experimenting with something new for us–uploading raw audio clips from the day’s interviews.  Getting to talk with everyone is the best part of the road work (that and sampling tasty pies), and we want to share a taste with you.

This is an unedited clip from our first interview with Joe Sides.  Joe’s a long-time customer of the Rabbit Hutch and friend of the Venz’s.  Joe is talking about taking his friends out to Logan, AL.

It’s square

On the way to Alabama, we pull off at the Krystal in South Pittsburg, TN for a quick snack and in honor of the home of the National Cornbread Festival–the site of the first radio piece we produced together. Chocolate-dipped Strawberry MilkQuake–yum (and yikes).

Place #1 … The Venz Rabbit Hutch Restaurant

shea's prized menu

shea's prized menu

We’ve started work on the Place + Memory project for the Maker’s Quest 2.0 grant (woohoo!!).

Our first target is the Venz Rabbit Hutch Restaurant in Logan, Alabama.  This was a family-owned/operated gem, which sadly closed in mid 1990s.  Shea’s been talking about this place for years, and we’re finally doing a story about it.  Yesterday we drove from NC to Alabama, ate some fine meals, stopped  in South Pittsburg, TN to say hello, met Shea’s folks for dinner in Huntsville, and set up interviews for the weekend with members of the Venz family and several former customers.

At the end of a long day, a La Quinta hotel room had never looked so good.

We’re running around the state now, but as soon as we get to sit down again, we’ll upload more goodies.

More to come…