NPR Series Extras

As part of The Place + Memory Project, Big Shed Audio is producing 4 radio stories for air on National Public Radio‘s Weekend Edition. This blog page will be home to lots of yummy extras. Visit the Place + Memory Project Website and Online Map of lost places we loved, at:

The Rabbit Hutch sign, today

The Rabbit Hutch sign, today

1. The Rabbit Hutch was a family-owned/operated gem of a restaurant, which sadly closed in the mid 1990s. An outgrowth of the Venz Family Bait and Bunny Farm in Logan, Alabama, the Rabbit Hutch house specialty was rabbit: fried, BBQed, livers, and gravy. It was also well-known for the musical entertainment, usually Mrs. Venz playing on the Genie Organ such tunes as “Side by Side,” “Has anybody seen my Gal,” and the restaurant’s theme song, “Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail.”

Can’t get enough of the Rabbit Hutch?
Us neither!
Knock yourself out with this archive of extra goodies

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