RABBIT HUTCH airs on NPR, extras now online

Ann Venz at the organ at the Rabbit Hutch restaurant

Ann Venz at the organ at the Rabbit Hutch restaurant

(Ann Venz talks about the music at the Rabbit Hutch restaurant)

Want more?!? Check out Rabbit Hutch out-takes and extras on our Radio Stories page.

NPRlogo The first radio piece in our Place + Memory summer series aired Saturday, July 18, 2009. Missed it? Listen in at the Weekend Edition website.

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Our First Radio Piece — The Rabbit Hutch — Airs Saturday on NPR!


Our radio story on the Rabbit Hutch restaurant in Logan, AL — the first in the Place + Memory series of pieces for National Public Radio — airs this Saturday (July 18, 2009) on Weekend Edition.

Visit NPR’s Station Finder to locate an NPR radio station in your area. You can also listen online at Weekend Edition Saturday.

Call the Project memory hotline with your story of a loved-location-lost today! 888-910-2555

Rose of San Antonio … Tacoland

With Bell Solloa at TacolandDeep within my heart lies a melody,
A song of old San Antone,
Where in dreams I live with a memory,
Beneath the stars all alone.

Shea’s in Texas!  He’s interviewing folks for the second piece in our NPR summer series.  We’re profiling Tacoland!  Tacoland was an amazing music club in San Antonio that closed it’s doors in 2005.  For decades, Tacoland served as the hub of a vibrant punk/et al. music scene and community of patrons.  It closed prematurely in 2005 when owner/icon Ramiro “Ram” Ayala was murdered when a robbery of the club went terribly wrong.  Ram and Tacoland have left strong memories for many people, and we’re humbled to be interviewing them.

Bell Solloa [pictured above] has already created a Tacoland page at www.placeandmemory.com.  Get a closer look at Tacoland and Ram.  And if you have memories of your own about Tacoland, please share them with us online.  And leave us a message with your memories at 888-910-2555.

We’re Live!!!! On-the-Air & On-the-Web

The Place + Memory ProjectIf you’re coming here to add your memories to the Place + Memory Project website … You’re in the right place.  This is our blog about the project, where you can follow the project as it unfolds over the summer.  If you’re looking for the main project page (where we hope you’ll submit your own memory) just click here!

You can also check us out on Facebook.

If you just can’t wait to tell us about the place that was important to you, just call our Memory Line @ 888-910-2555.  We’re dying to hear your stories.

IMG_0758And this morning, Saturday (June 6), Shea’s interview with Scott Simon about The Place + Memory Project airs on NPR’s Weekend Edition.  Then Scott shared his memories from camp.  If you missed it on the radio, you can always check it out online at NPR.org.

The Word is Out (What a Week!)


Last weekend, NPR began promoting The Place + Memory Project on the air and online.  The response was incredible.

As if it wasn’t cool enough to hear Scott Simon and Liane Hansen plugging the project on the air and on the NPR Soapbox blog, we’ve received hundreds of compelling stories and suggestions through emails, blog comments, phone messages, photos, videos and the amazing world of Web 2.0 …

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We want to say “THANK YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH,” to everyone who shared their ideas and stories with us.  We’re busy sorting through stories, finding the location for our second piece.  Based on what we’ve seen so far, it’s going to be amazing.

This summer, NPR’s Weekend Edition is featuring stories from The Place + Memory Project as a series. The series begins in early June, coinciding with the launch of our online map where you’ll be able to create pages for your remembered places.

UPDATE– We Need Your Help!!

The radio story on the Rabbit Hutch is now slated to air in late June on NPR’s Weekend Edition (we’ll announce the actual date here as soon as we have it). We’re honing in on ideas for our second radio story, and the web designers are working to have the online map ready for folks to start adding their own lost place/memories in just a couple of weeks.

A Treasure from the past: old menu from The Rabbit Hutch Family Restaurant in Logan, AL

A Treasure from the past: old menu from The Rabbit Hutch Family Restaurant in Logan, AL

NOW– we need your stories!
We’re looking for more stories for the radio series, and for the online map. Stories of places gone but dearly remembered—that have left their mark on you so clearly—just their mention brings them instantly back to life and you feel compelled to share them. Places that have ceased to be, except in our memories. It might be the factory that was once the heart-beat of your hometown; the dive bar where you saw your first punk band, had your first drink; the quirky country restaurant specializing in everything rabbit; your grandparents farm that is now a shopping mall …

Below are some questions and ideas to get the ideas and memories flowing.  Leave your comments here, or better, send us an email: placeandmemory@bigshed.org

About Your Memory:

specifically, where was it?
what was it called?
how would you categorize it? (using the list below or by adding a new one)
Give us a brief description
What’s the strongest memory you have of the place?

Businesses (restaurants, stores, shops, bowling alleys, barber shops, etc.)
Cites and towns
(razed by nature, land re-purposed for water/power, etc.)
Schools and churches
(closed, consolidated, etc.)
Neighborhoods that have disappeared
(re-developed, gentrified, aged, etc.)
Natural environments
(mountains, lakes, rivers, parks, views, beaches, islands)
Roads and bridges
(country roads, state highways, ferries)
Public/private gathering places
(street corners, people’s homes, etc.)
Other countries
(changes in government, war, natural disaster)
Buildings and monuments (or other large public edifices like statues, stadiums, public facilities)

‘Place memory’—Taking a cue from the academics

The building in Logan, AL that onced housed the Rabbit Hutch restaurant

The building in Logan, AL that once housed the Rabbit Hutch restaurant

Googling “Place and Memory,”  we came across the site for a project called Memory and Place in the Twentieth-Century Italian City…
If it sounds a little academic, it is. But also very cool from what we can tell, and some of the language used really hits home. Here’s their working definition of “place”:

a space that may be occupied,
or imagined as occupied,
by human bodies and events

Also having fun doing a little reading on Wabi-sabi. Here’s writer Andrew Juniper’s take:

if an object or expression can bring about, within us,
a sense of serene melancholy and a spiritual longing,
then that object could be said to be wabi-sabi.

Spending time around the building where the Rabbit Hutch used to be kinda felt like that.

Here’s a little more from the Memory and Place in the Twentieth-Century Italian City… site about their project.