In production for our next piece: Taco Land!

Outside of Taco Land

Photo shared by a contributor to the Place and Memory website.

We’re knee-deep in the post-production stage of our next radio piece on the live music venue Taco Land, San Antonio’s answer to CBGB’s.  We’ll keep you posted on when we’re going to hit the airwaves!  In the meantime, some Taco Landers have already added their photos and memories to our website. Do you have memories or photos of your own to share, or do you want to learn more about Taco Land? Pay a visit to our website and check out our Taco Land page!

We’ve gathered a LOT of great tape  — too much to ever throw into a 6-8 minute piece for NPR.   We’ve loved listening to these interviews so muc–we wanted to share some of those voices with you here.   Some really interesting themes have emerged as we listen to people remembering Taco Land, and it’s fearless leader, Ram Ayala.  One of our favorites was the idea of Taco Land as a family.  Give a listen!

Ram and the nightrocker

Photo shared by a contributor to the Place and Memory website

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