Theme of the week: Water, Water, Everywhere…

It’s high summer, and we’re sweltering.  We’d give anything for a dip in The Plunge , a huge saltwater pool that used to grace the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, CA.  And that got us thinking…

The huge pool featured a statue of King Neptune and bathing cherubs.

The huge pool featured a statue of King Neptune.

This week, we want to hear about the places that you used to cool off:  swimming holes, water parks, fire hydrants … whatever gave you a break from the heat in summers past! Tell us about the lake at your overnight camp, or about the creekbed behind your house that ran dry.  Where did you learn to swim?  We want to know!  Share your story with us!

Inspired?  Sift through your pictures, and revisit those salt-sprayed, water-soaked memories.  Submit to our website between August 16th and August 23rd, and it could be featured on our blog!  You can also leave us a memory message by calling our toll-free number:  1-888-910-2555.

Shake down, dry off, and start posting!

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