RABBIT HUTCH airs on NPR, extras now online

Ann Venz at the organ at the Rabbit Hutch restaurant

Ann Venz at the organ at the Rabbit Hutch restaurant

(Ann Venz talks about the music at the Rabbit Hutch restaurant)

Want more?!? Check out Rabbit Hutch out-takes and extras on our Radio Stories page.

NPRlogo The first radio piece in our Place + Memory summer series aired Saturday, July 18, 2009. Missed it? Listen in at the Weekend Edition website.

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2 responses to “RABBIT HUTCH airs on NPR, extras now online

  1. I used to eat here when I was a kid, these people were great, really quirky but Fred was a true showman. A truly unique experience, I hate that it is no longer with us. I remember Fred being on Channel 6 in Birmingham trying to convince everyone that Rabbit should be sold in the grocery stores.

  2. Rachel Venz Pace

    I wish I had known a little before hand that you wanted to go see the Rabbit Hutch as it is now. I am Ann and Freds grandaughter. We really only use it for storage and extra space. There have been some changes since you were last there, but its still the same building. I am so glad you did this story. I loved watching the early videos! Pictures just don’t do them justice sometimes. And to John…. there was no trying he did sell to the stores! All it took was a little taste testing and a couple interviews and they sold to a lot of stores like Piggly Wiggly :)