Our First Radio Piece — The Rabbit Hutch — Airs Saturday on NPR!


Our radio story on the Rabbit Hutch restaurant in Logan, AL — the first in the Place + Memory series of pieces for National Public Radio — airs this Saturday (July 18, 2009) on Weekend Edition.

Visit NPR’s Station Finder to locate an NPR radio station in your area. You can also listen online at Weekend Edition Saturday.

Call the Project memory hotline with your story of a loved-location-lost today! 888-910-2555

7 responses to “Our First Radio Piece — The Rabbit Hutch — Airs Saturday on NPR!

  1. Sarah in Brooklyn

    I woke up and put on the radio as this piece was playing. It drew me in immediately and the radio wasn’t a groggy background anymore. This is my favorite type of radio piece, one with no outside narrator and little or no music other than what comes from the people themselves. Excellent! Have to hear this one again.

  2. Sarah,
    How gratifying! Thanks for writing! Hope you will find out more about the project on Facebook (Place + Memory Project) and visit the project website (placeandmemory.org). Look for our story on “Tacoland” on NPR in the next couple of weeks.

  3. Richard Johnston

    I go for authentic, and this qualifies 100%.

  4. Trent in Nashville

    This was a first-rate radio segment. I heard the piece as I woke up this morning, then listened to it again as I drove to work on my station’s AM affiliate. The memory of Mrs. Venz playing a sinister rendition of “Here Comes Peter Cottontail” on that eerie organ while the diners enjoyed their rabbit will not leave my mind for a long time! Brilliant.

  5. Thank you, Trent & Richard. That’s so nice to hear. We really appreciate it. If you want to hear a little more of Ann singing there are some great audio and video clips here – https://placeandmemory.wordpress.com/radio-stories/

    Many thanks, Shea

  6. Great show, Shea and Jennifer. Good story. I’m glad I finally tuned in. You are really getting this thing rolling.

  7. The Rabbit Hutch story was great. I have forwarded and told lots of people about it. I checked out the Memory Project, way cool.