We’re Live!!!! On-the-Air & On-the-Web

The Place + Memory ProjectIf you’re coming here to add your memories to the Place + Memory Project website … You’re in the right place.  This is our blog about the project, where you can follow the project as it unfolds over the summer.  If you’re looking for the main project page (where we hope you’ll submit your own memory) just click here!

You can also check us out on Facebook.

If you just can’t wait to tell us about the place that was important to you, just call our Memory Line @ 888-910-2555.  We’re dying to hear your stories.

IMG_0758And this morning, Saturday (June 6), Shea’s interview with Scott Simon about The Place + Memory Project airs on NPR’s Weekend Edition.  Then Scott shared his memories from camp.  If you missed it on the radio, you can always check it out online at NPR.org.

2 responses to “We’re Live!!!! On-the-Air & On-the-Web

  1. Just caught your piece on NPR this morning so after that I surfed over to the Wiki, blog and web site. What a wonderful project you’re undertaking. I’ll look forward to seeing it get populated with stories this summer, as I follow the web and radio series. I just started following you on Twitter too so I can keep up with things.

    thanks for such a creative idea.

  2. Great idea for a project. Looking forward to seeing how it evolves.