The whole rabbit (more audio excerpts)

Tony and his wife were good friends of the Venz family when they were operating the farm and restaurant in Logan, AL. He found this card for us … quite a prize. Talking to strangers with microphones is not something he would normally do, Tony told us, but in support of the Venz’s he made an exception and invited us onto his porch swing (squeak, squeak ;-)). This is an unedited audio clip from that interview.

2 responses to “The whole rabbit (more audio excerpts)

  1. Utilizing “the whole rabbit,” dang, that’s intriguing. All I’ve ever had was a rabbit’s foot, but the hair kept getting caught in my teeth…

  2. Oh, my dad used and found a way to sell everything. The feet were died and sold as lucky keychains, the meat was sold in the reatuarant, the big peices as fried rabbit and the small peices would be boiled off the bone and then shredded and sold as BBQ’d rabbit. The livers were really tasty when dep fried as well. The eyes were sold to medical research. The bladders, full of urine were sold to perfume companies. The pelt was sold to clothing companies. At the end of the day, we had little left over from the rabbit to actually dispose of.

    My dad was a genius. I did not know it at the time, but now I do. I respect the hell out of him.