Place #1 … The Venz Rabbit Hutch Restaurant

shea's prized menu

shea's prized menu

We’ve started work on the Place + Memory project for the Maker’s Quest 2.0 grant (woohoo!!).

Our first target is the Venz Rabbit Hutch Restaurant in Logan, Alabama.  This was a family-owned/operated gem, which sadly closed in mid 1990s.  Shea’s been talking about this place for years, and we’re finally doing a story about it.  Yesterday we drove from NC to Alabama, ate some fine meals, stopped  in South Pittsburg, TN to say hello, met Shea’s folks for dinner in Huntsville, and set up interviews for the weekend with members of the Venz family and several former customers.

At the end of a long day, a La Quinta hotel room had never looked so good.

We’re running around the state now, but as soon as we get to sit down again, we’ll upload more goodies.

More to come…

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